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Be Mindful in the Mines!

Your Conduct Impacts Others

Most of the collecting sites our club visits are on private property, and closed to the general public.  Because of past misbehaviors, many mine owners no longer allow access to their land, so it’s in everyone’s best interests that we carefully respect their sensibilities and property rights.



Your fellow Diggers are counting on you to do your rock-hunting SAFELY, and RESPONSIBLY.

When you join the club, you will be required to sign an agreement to abide by our club field trip protocols.  Read the rules and expectations, and FOLLOW THEM.


 SENHMC Field Trip to the Havey Quarry.  Digging in close quarters makes attention to Mine Etiquette all the more important!

Safety First!   

Self-collecting your own mineral specimens can be a lot of fun, but the fun doesn’t come without risk.  Rocks are hard, heavy, and often have sharp edges.

Footing in the quarries can be unsteady and precarious, the tailings piles may be unstable, and undermined boulders may shift or drop unexpectedly. 

Breaking rocks can often result in flying shards of ‘rocknel’, and tools can shatter, or break.



Protect Yourself

On a Kneeling Pad, Clockwise from Top:

Steel-Toe, High-Top Boots can spare you crushed toes and rolled ankles.

Sturdy Gloves because rocks can have sharp edges!

Safety Goggles to fend off flying shards of rock which you won’t see coming, and

Hat with a Back Flap, good for sun and drizzle.

Not pictured, but recommended:  Insect Repellant, Sunscreen, and a First Aid Kit.

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